TITLE: The Rubiks Cube: A Catalyst to a Creative Process
PRESENTED: 5th International Conference on Design Principles and Practices, Sapienza – Università di Roma, Rome, Italy
ROLE: Art Director/Creative Director

...inevitably, your creative spark and drive is developed and nurtured.
What is 365 Days of the Rubik's Cube? I've been able to solve the Rubik's cube from the age of 8 when I read "The Simple Solution to the Rubik's Cube" in 1981. Ever since then, I've had the solution stuck in my head. I found over the years that I used the Rubik's cube as a spark for creativity. I would solve it over and over again. This mediation of sorts would help spring creative ideas. So, I decided to solve the Rubik's cube everyday for an entire year. The goal of this experiment is to explore the creative process, find things that spark creativity and whatever else I may find.

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